Things that should be done:

- Mechanical Marble Madness:
One idea in our Undone-Idea-Archive is a mechanical marble madness. Since it is very hard to build a kind of motor in a marble, the _landscape_ could be moved with two buttons for the x and y coordinates like on these old fasion wooden labyrinths, where you control a ball bearing ball and avoid it from falling in a hole.

- James G. Watt, a marble fan and author of, remembers the world that a level editor for marble madness should exist sometimes. He writes:
"With all the graphics editors that have appeared to mess around with arcade games in mame and so forth... A

MARBLEMADNESS map editor like the gauntlet map editor is long overdue - any chance you could drop some BIG HINTS into your page that some clever person should have a bash at creating an editor? I'd love to make some new maps and program them into the system1 cabinet."
I am not sure whether such an editor is at least theoretically possible, cause I do not know whether the marble in the arcade game has real physics. Maybe the rolling behavior is optimized for every level.

- George Prout is working on a level editor (very early stage) and some hacks. Please contact him to share any information.

- You can download the music for any of the six levels here (mp3/32kbps/mono).